Who is Cirrus Software?

Cirrus Software was started in Sydney, Australia, in 2002 by two long-time friends. Ash and Paul, two people with an entrepreneurial outlook. They had worked together for several years as senior consultants for a software company, and decided it was time to amalgamate their experience and start a bespoke software company all their own.

With only their own money as an initial investment, today Cirrus Software has enjoyed exciting growth and has offices in the UK and Australia. As a result of their geographic locations, the sun never sets on Cirrus Software and we can support our customers in all time zones.

We help our customers solve their business challenges by offering custom development across all platforms.

Helping our customers solve their business challenges

At Cirrus Software, we offer our customers:

  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • A Complete Understanding of Their Business Issues
  • Intelligent Ideas
  • Fast and Flexible Turnaround
  • Success – Guaranteed Every Time

Who do we work with?

Our customers are typically business people. Driven individuals who have identified a need or an opportunity to improve their business and have come to us for support.

Cirrus Software clients are often business owners or senior managers within departments of larger businesses, who want the best for their business. That’s where Cirrus Software comes in. At Cirrus we understand the financial stresses your business may be under and the pressure to deliver success for your superiors, so we strive to work with our clients to deliver 100% of the time.

Throughout our business’ lifetime, we’ve never lost a customer. In fact, every customer has become a friend. We don’t walk into your business and simply offer IT Solutions, instead we brainstorm ideas, determine the best course of action, and begin to build to your deadline.

Our proven delivery platform, together with a talented team, have enabled the successful delivery of major business process applications to small, medium and large companies in Europe, the USA and Australasia.

At Cirrus Software, our project experience includes:

  • Knowledge Management Systems
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS & LCMS) Portals
  • Corporate Intranets and Portals
  • Facilities Management Help Desk software
  • Human Resources profiling systems and assessment tools
  • Internal communications tools and email management
  • Retail point of sale applications
  • And hundreds more..

Our focus is on solving your complex business challenges, by designing and integrating our technology solutions with your existing systems.

Cirrus Software is a Microsoft Certified Partner.

People often ask us, “What is a Microsoft partner?” So to avoid any confusion, here’s a brief description:

A Microsoft Certified Partner is any company that provides Microsoft services or products for their customers in the fields of IT projects and solutions. All Microsoft Certified Partners have been in operation for a minimum of five years and have passed tests in order to confirm their skillset. As a reward, Microsoft gifts these partners with discounts on Microsoft tools, so that partners can better service their customers.

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