The application development process

As soon as you come to us with your business problem, we work with you to develop the requirement into a solution that works.

Know what you want but find it hard to describe?

Sometimes even describing what you want is difficult. Don’t worry, we understand business challenges.

In that situation, we have a quick tool that can help you to work through your ideas and point us in the right direction.  Download our Application Development outline design tool here

This tool asks a number of the questions and will assist you (and us) right from the start.

We take a modern AGILE approach to application development

We believe that a good solution is all about understanding the requirement, quick turnaround on projects and keeping you (the customer) involved throughout.

We add a number of enhancements around defining the requirements to enable us to offer a fixed price on the whole project.

Brainstorming the application development requirements

We always kick our projects off with an initial discussion or a face-to-face meeting.

Where there is a large scope or the business rules are complex, a day in a conference room for a brainstorming and white boarding session always works to iron out the details and help us get a solid understanding of what you’re looking for.

Once we have an idea of the project outline, we will put together a ball-park cost for you. We understand that everyone is under budget constraints, which is why we present the project outline as a “shopping list,” so you can pick and choose elements.

Additionally, we can suggest project phases. These phases are designed to get the application developed and into use quickly.

When deadlines are short and the delivery expectations are high, we are able to assist with a phased approach based on a proven (working) code base.

  • Building on our framework gets a lot of the “normal system” functionality built fast
  • We can build in phases. You may consider a project to be “delivered” following an initial phase and then additional functionality is delivered following that.
    • This keeps everyone happy
    • Superiors see progress happening
    • You have the chance to deliver quickly and an opportunity to work with Cirrus
    • The requirement can “evolve” as your users get their hands on it and learn what they really want
    • Together we build a roadmap that you can point to when “whats happening next” is asked.

Agreeing on a project scope, guarantees that you know what you’re going to to get and what you’ll pay for it.

Once we have agreed what your project will do and how you would like it to function, we will put together a more detailed project scope and confirm the fixed price.

You then know what you are getting, how we are going to work together on the project, a project plan and how much your investment will be.

Early on in the development phase we will also identify areas of parallel activity.

◦   Populating data is often something that is required, we will provide spreadsheets that you can complete and we will import. This ensures that you have a populated system from the start.

◦   Identifying any training requirements for users or staff and preparing documentation early on.

◦   Working with other 3rd parties to integrate our systems with others.

◦   Single sign-on mechanisms so that users don’t have another password to remember.

Creating a clickable prototype, for you to try out and play with

Application development prototyping is a great way for you to see how the application will look and work and for everyone to be sure the project is going in the right direction.

We create clickable prototypes and can sit with you to go through the project and also modify elements together.

This part of the application development process has many advantages:

◦   You can see “early on” what the project will look like

◦   You can input into the design before coding begins to ensure the workflow is as you expect

◦   The prototype can be referred to in your meetings

◦   We always have something to go back to during development



Developing your application in short steps, so you get to see and review progress regularly

The agile approach is formed around the concept of short development iterations called “sprints”.

A sprint is made up of a defined list of tasks (agreed with you) and delivered in a fixed block of time. In our case we schedule 2 or 3-week sprints, depending on the complexity of the work in that element.

This essentially means that every 2-3 weeks we are delivering demonstrable elements of your project. At the end of each sprint we may release the work for you to review and feed back for the next sprint.


Delivery and Assisted Testing – so you can understand the system and how it works

We will provide access to your system via one of our development web servers. Here, you will be able to review and ensure the new application works as you expect.

You will receive a release note, detailing what has been completed, what is not in this delivery and also any known issues that we are working on.

We will also be on-hand to talk you through the system either face to face or over a shared desktop. We can explain the functions and how they work in practical terms.


Going LIVE with your application

Once all of the development and testing is complete, now it needs to be released into the wild (business). We release projects every week.

◦   We always release in a time that is convenient for you and your users

◦   We can migrate existing data from databases / spreadsheets etc.

◦   We can import data to “prime” the application from the start


In-life Support – Looking after you and the system after the development has completed

Once the project is complete, and you have delivered it to your users, we are on-hand.

All of our work has a 12-month “no Quibble fix” guarantee. We will resolve any bugs or issues in the code that you find for no cost.

You will receive an account on our helpdesk, where we can log tickets and track progress.

As your business evolves, we are also on-hand to continue to develop and enhance your application to ensure it remains relevant and useful.


Next steps…

If you like the idea of your project delivered in quick agile iterations for a fixed price and a 12-month guarantee of fixes, please get in touch. If you don’t know exactly what you want done, our project outline document can help you get your ideas formed.

As soon as we hear from you, we will get back within one working day.

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