Frequent Questions

How long does a project take to develop?

Every project is different
. However, we have a consistent approach to web development that works well for you.
 We develop your project in Phases, which would be pre-determined with you. We recommend that our customers who have tight deadlines try to focus on a quick win as a first phase and then follow on after that.

The quick win phase would deliver a solid application with some of the key functions that you need. Your customers can get using it while we continue delivering. 
Often, depending on scope, you could be using the first version within 4-6 weeks of an agreed scope.

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How do you determine what goes into project phases?

The phases of a project are agreed with you and can be somewhat fluid.

 We are aware that applications we build are designed to fix pressing business needs. In that case, we work with you to look at what will be most used early on.
 Often, it’s best to attack a piece of functionality that will relieve a pain as well as delivering lots of smaller pieces to make the project feel more whole
. Time and budgets also shape the phased works.

 Whatever happens, we will make sure we’re making plans together for your business that best suit your needs.

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Will I be able to see the project as it develops?

 Right from the start, we give you sight and opportunity to define the look and feel. 
Early on in the scoping process, we will show you application prototypes and mock-ups. These are more than wireframes and will look like the actual finished article. 
You can use those wireframes to show your project to other colleagues, get internal feedback and test your ideas as well.

 Throughout the development process, you will see the project evolve as we host it on our development servers (web projects) or send you samples to test.
 The most successful projects work when there is lots of customer input, so we welcome your feedback throughout the development process.

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What does a software project cost?

Software projects vary in price from £100 to millions of pounds. 
While, we are not in the million pound market, our ideal project phase is around £10,000 – £20,000, which we can deliver in a rapid timeframe.

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How can I start working with Cirrus Software?

We aim to make working with Cirrus a fun, professional and positive experience.
 If you have a business requirement and would like to discuss it with us, please complete the form to the right and we can get talking. 

If you are not entirely sure what you want to be creating yet, then have a look at our project start template (link here), which will assist you in getting your ideas collected.
 We are happy to help, answer questions and give our time to see your business succeed.

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Who will work on my project?

At Cirrus you will have a single point of contact who will work with you throughout your project and provide in-life support once your project is live. Our developers will work on your project all the way from idea to implementation. 
Where necessary, we work with people who are specialists in their field and we address specific technology features. The majority of the project will be constructed by Cirrus direct employees, who are hands-on throughout the duration of the project.

We are not an outsourcing shell company. Any work that is completed externally is quality checked and tested by our team. You’ll never hear the excuse, “the outsourced team didn’t deliver.” It’s always a Cirrus project and we stand by the delivery and our work.

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How can you guarantee the project will be a success?

Software projects are complex and typically vary as new ideas are considered and the business changes.
Cirrus offers a number of ways to ensure we have a successful project

  • Setting Expectations - our requirements gathering and prototyping process ensures you know what you are getting before we start
  • Regular Project Reviews – during the development process, you will receive regular updates and frequent project communications
  • Fixed Price – we are happy to work with you on a fixed price basis, and to work within your budgets. We can assist you to plan the project and deliverables around a specific cost and give a promise of no cost over-runs based on an agreed scope
  • 12 Month Guarantee - Following delivery, we will guarantee your project for a full 12 months. While there shouldn’t be any issues, our 12-month guarantee covers all bugs and issues found in the code subsequent to the delivery. You will have access to the online Cirrus Helpdesk to log-in and track all issues

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What do you do to keep me informed on the project?

Throughout the project, we will be in constant contact.
 At each stage we will give you written updates on the project and how we are progressing.
 The project plan and order of work will be agreed upon right from the start. 
During the life of the application we will provide you with assistance and support (in-life support).  You will be given an account on the Cirrus helpdesk where any issues are tracked in one place

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How will you support me after the project is completed?

Once a project is completed, we will keep your application running smoothly. 
We offer secure hosting of your application online, a package of active maintenance, providing you with ad-hoc enhancements and changes as your business needs evolve.

Our Helpdesk function offers:

  • A single place for you to log any issues or requests (we call them helpdesk tickets)
  • You may log the tickets online or call the office if needed.
  • You will be automatically notified by email as a helpdesk ticket is updated
  • You can also log in to see the progress of tickets and add any additional comments or information
  • We can agree Service levels of support to ensure there is someone available to address business critical issues at any time .
  • We have UK and Australia based operations so can essentially offer support 24/7 anywhere in the world where required)

Our support helpdesk is available for you to log issues online, or you can telephone the team directly.

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How can I inform you about issues and be kept up to date on progress?

We are responsive to email and our helpdesk, and you can always call us.
 We know, that communication is always key on any project and make ourselves as available as possible.
You will receive the mobile phone number of the project manager and you can call that person anytime – inside working hours and outside as well.

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Which Desktop and server operating systems do you support?

We are a Microsoft partner and build the majority of our applications on Microsoft platforms. These include:

◦   Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (32 and 64bit), Windows 8 (32 and 64bit)

◦   Windows Server 2003, 2008

◦   SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008

◦   IIS (Internet Information Server)

◦   Microsoft SharePoint

◦   And other Microsoft platforms

Additionally, our mobile applications target

  • Android,
  • iPhone
  • and Blackberry

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Do you build traditional websites?

Our core business is around business applications with working parts… Databases, logic and smart forms. 

We can build information websites, and do regularly for our customers.

 If you are interested in working with us on a website, please do get in-touch and we can make sure we have a solution that works for you.
 Often, a website is just the beginning of a long-term working relationship, so we always love to talk to new clients about the possibilities ahead for their business.

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Which Mobile operating systems do you support?

Our mobile applications target Android, iPhone and Blackberry

. We build native code applications in c++ and Java.

We can also build “cross platform” applications that are written once and can be installed on all modern mobile systems.

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Which software development languages do you use?

We are a Microsoft partner and build the majority of our applications on Microsoft technologies These include:

  • Microsoft .Net technologies
  • C#
  • Vb.Net
  • SQL Server
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Java (for Android)
  • Object C for iPhone and iPad

These technologies are the core of our capability. Additionally, we have expertise in c++, Java, Lucene Search, Ms Office Automation, and SharePoint.

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