Our technical approach to application development

Cirrus is an agile development company. We develop your applications using short phases (called sprints), which keeps you regularly updated on progress. 
We have chosen to develop on the Microsoft platform using .Net (dot net) development tools.

Our core areas of technical expertise are:

  • .Net programming languages VB.Net and C# (C sharp)
  • Windows and web programming
  • SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • Windows IIS webserver
  • HTML, Ajax, JavaScript, CSS
  • Microsoft Sharepoint Server

The majority of our customer base is larger businesses and departments of larger corporations. Those organisations typically use Microsoft technologies and we fit in well with them.

We focus on those core Microsoft technologies and after many years and several projects, we’re experts in all of them. We do not build applications on PHP or Linux. Both are great technologies but not our area of expertise.


Fast turnaround on application development using AGILE methodologies

Agile development is all about transparent, open, visible software delivery. Cirrus has a practical approach to agile development.

The large majority of our projects are based on a fixed price delivery, meaning we need to be sharp at the scoping phase to understand the needs of the customer and also look at where the application would go in the future.

This usually means we will build a roadmap of the current phase of work but also what will happen in future phases. That road may alter, as real-world use shows new directions the application should take.

Taking in the commercial, functional and time dependent elements of a project and applying them to the “best outcome” agile process.


Speeding development using a software development framework

Software Development | Proven Architectural platform
CirrusApplication Server, (CAS) provides a rapid and cost effective route to the development for Business applications:

◦   Web based applications using forms

◦   Business process automation projects

◦   Workflow and database applications

CAS integrates with Microsoft Windows (2003, 2008) server and Microsoft SQL server (all versions) to provide a platform for running applications. CAS defines and enforces security, introduces standard software interfaces and transaction protocols between applications, the server operating system, and the database.

application development

The development of CAS has enabled Cirrus Software to produce many complex applications that ‘connect’ to CAS which are easy to modify or customise, offering unprecedented flexibility to the customer.
A summary of the CAS Technical Features:

  • ◦   Latest version of Microsoft .Net framework

    ◦   Designed to Microsoft “best practice” (MVC – model view controller) patterns

    ◦   XML based throughout, to describe processes and define interfaces

    ◦   Designed to allow maximum configuration without compromising the core underlying architecture

    ◦   Runs on Standard hardware and Windows Server

    ◦   Uses Microsoft SQL Server or Microsoft SQL Desktop edition as the data store

    ◦   Supports ‘plug in’ of new software components

    ◦   Enables external API interfaces

    ◦   Supports single sign-on and “federated login” mechanisms

Key Benefits of our Application Development:

  • ◦   Quality is assured through the re-use of core, proven, robust components

    ◦   A fast performing architecture with processing centered on the server

    ◦   Easy, central deployment of new components

    ◦   Low bandwidth connections are not a barrier to effective application use

    ◦   Programming standards ensure consistency of approach and quality

    ◦   Client specific code is kept separate from core functionality ensuring the upgrade path.

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