Here you can read about some of the web development projects that we have completed. If you have any further questions about these or any other project ideas you may have, please let us know.

Mobile elearning for iPad [September 16]

Learning on the move is  great way of getting your product training across, when your audience is remotely managed. The challenge [...]

Online learning supported by remote live trainers [September 14]

Online learning is a great way to increase the number of people you can train, whilst dramatically reducing the costs. [...]

Microsoft partner [April 12]

What is a Microsoft partner? Our intention right from the start was to be a customer focussed, technically excellent software [...]

BT Adopt Online Assessments to reduce costs [July 4]

BT make improvements to their learning programme to allow assessments to be taken online, reducing travelling and facilities costs. The [...]

BIFM Award Finalist [July 2]

In January Cirrus delivered another succesful project for FM24, part of Mace-Macro. This business critical helpdesk application has made a [...]